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How to Select an Air Cargo Shipping Partner

May 5, 2014

For many industries, prompt and safe delivery is an essential part of their supply chain. Rapid and secure delivery of supplies and samples is crucial for the continued operation of many companies.

For many companies located in large cities like Dallas, cargo shipping through air freight contractors is often the only resort to keep things going smoothly. Given this need, a number of air freight delivery contractors have opened shop in Dallas and surrounding cities. However, not all air freight contractors are created equal. Like every other profession, there are good and average contractors that provide different levels of services to their clients.

The first thing to understand about the air cargo shipping business is that it is very different from ferrying passengers. Almost everything from the rules and regulations governing the conditions of the interior of the aircrafts to the handling of the cargo at airports differs from the traditional airlines that specialize in hauling people to their destinations.

This is the most important reason why companies that depend on air cargo shipping for their supply chain must choose cargo only air freight contractors. A number of air freight companies works as both passenger charter and air cargo shipping companies. While there is nothing wrong with diversification of the business, it does take a toll on the efficiency and effectiveness of the air cargo shipping and handling operations.

Once it has been verified that the air freight contractor is a cargo only operation, the next question to consider is the routes that they service. Not all air freight companies service all the local routes and very few companies are willing to work international routes. Always verify that the air cargo shipping firm that the business is planning to engage does serve the selected destinations on a regular schedule. In the case of international destinations, it is important to discuss the route that the company takes and all the waypoints that the aircraft touches on the way to the final destination.

All air cargo shipping companies maintain their aircrafts to the accepted standards of air safety regulations. This is an essential requirement for keeping things going smoothly on their end. Ask for their maintenance and aircraft parking/housing contracts with airports other than their home base. This will give you an idea of their standing within the air cargo shipping industry.

Finally, the last question is about their experience in customs clearance and related issues. Since these are the most critical areas of air cargo shipping, it is essential that the firm should have in depth knowledge of the procedures involving the local and international customs rules and regulations. If the firm could guarantee custom clearance and has a proven track record in this area, this qualification alone is enough to retain their services for the corporate supply chain.

Air cargo shipping, whether from cities like Dallas or from rural areas depends upon the skills and expertise of the air shipping contractors that the company hires.

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